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"Russian Zombie Hat" 


   It's the zombie apocalypse in Suburbia and 4 friends seem...

   ...well...completely unaffected by it all. They're still going to         work, hitting the mall and having BBQs in the backyard while     the world around them falls apart.


It's Canadian Horror Comedy at it's b-movie best in comic form!


Character bios, previews & more coming soon!

Available now: RZH#2!


The Russian Zombie Hat gang is back for a brand-new, full-length winter adventure featuring:

- Extra cheesy, not-so-animated flipping fun!

- A flashback sequence featuring the snow-covered adventures of their kid counterparts, the Lil' RZH gang!

- Brand new character bios!

- A first look at the the cover to RZH#3: Return of the Slimy, Squiriming, Squiddlers!'s uncensored, over-the-top horror comedy & cartoon violence at it's head-splitting, stomach-slicing best!

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